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Our Story

Situated on Upper Maudlin Street, just opposite the BRI, Haveli The Yard is a family run restaurant from restaurateur Amir Farooq, and draws on the legacy of Amir’s grandparents who opened one of Bristol and the UK’s leading Indian restaurants, The Rajpoot.


Having opened in 2021, Haveli has built a strong reputation for excellent quality, family friendly dining - something which is at the heart of everything we do.


Being British born, owner Amir moved to South Asia as a teenager and immediately fell back in love with everything from the food and drink to the amazing atmosphere of family-run, local restaurants, and this became the inspiration for Haveli back in Bristol.


As well as showcasing some of the classic dishes, we aim to introduce people to some of the more unusual regional dishes that they might not have discovered before, including some of the dishes we’ve really fallen in love with from our travels and from the heritage of our team.


Our Kitchen

Our team of chef's hail from all across the different regions of India, each bringing with them their own unique talents, skills and dishes.

We want to give you a taste of the food we love, whilst still bringing you all of your classic favourites, using authentic cooking techniques, recipes and fresh, seasonal produce.

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